Thursday, May 14, 2009

Name Change

Well, it's official. The business has officially been changed from Millenium Tsuru to 3D Cranes. There were a few reasons for the change. One, I misspelled "millennium" in my registration so I was stuck with the misspelling on everything and it was driving me crazy. Two, it was way too difficult to pronounce, even for me.

Another big change (which I thought I already mentioned here but I guess I didn't) is that my husband is getting transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia, so I and my business are going along for the ride. I'm not looking forward to moving away from home -- I've never lived anywhere except for here in Hawaii -- but when the Army says you have to move, you move.

I have decided not to do craft fairs in Georgia, at least for the time being until I get more familiar with the area, and my business will be moving to strictly on-line only. My Etsy shop will be going into vacation mode on June 1st, with a tentative re-open date of August 15th, as I have no idea how long it will take to get legally set up to do business in the state.


Thanks to Krishenka for featuring my new carnations in her treasury!

Also, one of my bouquets was recently featured on the foundhandmade blog, in an entry titled "Handmade Wedding Bouquets and Bouts" as an alternative to real flowers. There is no direct link to the entry, but if you go to the blog, it's the one that was posted on May 5.