Friday, October 26, 2007

Etsy Hawaii Street Team -- Swap Meet Sale!

Well, it's finally happening this weekend, we're going to the Aloha Stadium Swap meet on Saturday to spread the word about Etsy (and maybe sell a few things). Martha from AmorDePlata has made a wonderful sign, I hope to have pictures of everything afterward.

We'll be there from about 6 am or so, won't know the exact location until we get there. And there's a University of Hawaii football game that evening, so the swap meet will be closing at 1pm to clear out for the tailgaters. If you're in the area, stop on by and check us out!

Monday, October 1, 2007

3DCranes is Now on

After hearing so much about this site through the Etsy forums, I finally took the plunge and made a page. Indiepublic is a social networking site, kind of like MySpace for artists, designers, and people who like the "independent" arts. Personally, everything I've heard about MySpace makes it sound kind of scary, even though it's another promotion tool frequently recommended in the Etsy forums. I like IndiePublic, though, I received several welcoming messages within 24 hours of creating my page, and I now have more "friends" there than "contacts" on Flickr. Go figure. Oh, and I've already found a few of my fellow Hawaii Street Teamers there : Isabella Smiles, Keala Legacy, and Puppets and Pals.

I'll be running a separate blog on that site, and trying to keep some of the photos different from what is found on the Flickr site. Now, if there were just a few more hours in the day, so I can spend more time online as well as creating . . .

Speaking of creating, I've just listed my first new "art" piece for my Etsy shop in some time. And here it is: